Caring for the environment, our priority

 At Técnicas de Elaboración de Salsas we are aware of the importance of environmental conservation and the protection of natural resources.

In the packaging process of our products we only use sustainable materials, from the filling phase to the final phase of product distribution.


The production and consumption of organic foods contributes to the sustainability of the planet.

Our commitment and the highest quality of our organic products are guaranteed by registration with the CCPAE (Consell Català de la Producció Ecològica) and our adherence to the European Organic Regulation CE2092/91.

Our Bio d’Atenea sauces are produced, packaged and marketed following the standards of Organic Agriculture, thus preserving the integrity of their values.

Organic Agriculture aims to obtain food of optimal quality, free of waste that contributes to minimizing the human impact on the environment.

Principles of Organic Agriculture:

  • Promotion of sustainable rural development.
  • Conservation of the biodiversity of natural species.
  • It facilitates soil conservation by affecting its natural components to a lesser extent.
  • It does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Strict quality and control regulations.
  • Contributes to the maintenance of small farms.
    Protect the environment.
  • It is based on equity and a fair market.

La Salsa Xató es el aliño de la Xatonada, típica ensalada mediterránea que se prepara con escarola, bacalao, anchoas, atún y aceitunas arbequinas.

La Salsa Xató, al igual que la Salsa Romesco con la que comparte muchos de sus ingredientes, es ideal para aliñar ensaladas, y también una estupenda base para guisos de carne y pescado en sustitución del clásico sofrito.


The V-Label seal is an internationally recognized seal for labeling products free of ingredients of animal origin.

It is a globally recognized symbol for vegan and vegetarian products, and a reliable reference for consumers.